— Major Discovery in Glenlevit—

Hi, my name is  J.C. Dionne and I am the owner and administrator of Fossil Restigouche.

This major fossil discovery happened a few years back while working in my garden and doing landscaping,  I kept finding these funny looking rocks which at the time I had no clues of what they were except that they look different, so one day I decided to take some of these samples to the fossil museum in Miguasha Quebec a short distance away from where I live and showed them to one of the paleontologist there at the museum,  after identifying them  he told me they were fossils from the Silurian period and gave me a brief explanation of that marvelous chapter of earth’s history.

After returning home I became very eager to learn more, and this became my passion by doing extensive research on fossils especially in the Ordovician, Silurian, and Devonian periods. As the time went by I kept finding more and more different species every day, months and years.  All the fossils I have collected so far ( Thousand of them ) were all collected on top of the ground without any major digging.

A Geologist from the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources came to visit me on two separate occasions after learning of my discovery and walked the property with me and told me this site would be perfect for students studying in the field of paleontology  or Geology to come and dig fossils themselves as part of their own digging experience and studies,  so this is how the project of Fossil Restigouche became under further study for possible development and implementation.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you enjoy it.

J.C. Dionne / Proprietor


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