Welcome to Fossil Restigouche

Located at the base of the magnificent Appalachian Mountains in Glenlevit, Restigouche County and nested on 50 acres of lush and rich forest land,  Fossil Restigouche is where you find thousand of rare fossils from the Silurian Period – That marvelous chapter of earth’s history written 420 million years ago.  We are a satellite fossil deposit from what is known to paleontologists as the Campbellton Formation.

Fossil Restigouche  is the only privately own fossil site in the province of New Brunswick and all fossils found on this site date back from the middle to late Silurian period approximately 420 million years old.

We have so far ( Preliminary)  identified several different species of  fossils,  with many more to be identified.  Our collection includes Corals,  Crinoids,  Brachiopods,  Trilobites,  Gastropods,  Sea Sponges,  some are extinct and nonexisting,  Snails,  Stromatoporoids,  Echinoids,   Bryozoans,  and much more.

Fossil Restigouche is of outstanding universal value.  It contain an unrivaled fossil record preserved in its environment context, which represents the finest example in the world of terrestrial tropical environment and ecosystems of the Silurian period of Earth’s history.

Fossil Restigouche is presently under study for possible future development and is not yet open to the public for visiting or digging at the present time.  None of our fossils are for sale,  trade or to give away.

I invite you to visit the Photo Gallery of our fossil collection which represent only a fraction of the fossils we have collected so far and all were collected on our fossil site in Glenlevit, N.B.  More photos will be added to the Photo Gallery as soon as we have them properly identified and photographed .  ( Click on the photos to enlarge )

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me, I’ll be glad to answer all your questions.  We also invite everyone to take part in our Survey  on this website.

J.C. Dionne / Proprietor