Welcome to our survey


We invite everyone to participate in our survey.  As we have mentioned on our welcome page,  we are in the studying process of possible future development of Fossil Restigouche to become a major Earth Science Studying Center for individuals or group of students interested in the field of Paleontology,  Geology or Earth Science etc., from Universities,  Colleges, Schools etc., to come to our fossil site and experience fossil digging as part of their own studies and live the fabulous experience of finding, cleaning and identifying their own fossils.

This survey rely entirely on your opinion and suggestions in order for us to take a final decision and to determine if there are enough interest and demand to make this important project worthwhile to proceed with it’s development and implementation.

We are asking you to give us your opinion and suggestions and tell us if this would be beneficial to you in your field of studies and beyond.

Please leave your opinion and suggestions on our Contact Page.

The result of this survey will be published on our website as soon as we have enough information to reach a final decision.

Thank you for taking part of this survey.

J.C. Dionne / Proprietor